Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introducing Camp Countdown Questions

Well ladies and gentlemen, only 12 days separate us from the beginning of the 2010 Packers season. That's right, less than two weeks until training camp opens. I'm ecstatic, as I'm sure are you.

To help you deal with the stress of waiting for the arrival of the big day (I tell you, only Christmas compares), the folks here at JonBob's Packer Blog have organized a little educational program designed to catch you up on everything Green and Gold. We're calling it Camp Countdown Questions.

Each day, we'll be looking at a crucial question that needs to be answered in training camp. There will be 12 in total, and as we get closer and closer to July 31st, they'll grow in significance. But, of course, every question is a big one, so make sure you tune in every day. We'll be kicking things off tomorrow morning. Be there, and bring your friends.

UPDATE: Here are links to all of the CCQs. Enjoy!


      1. Oh I'm so excited. You can't even imagine. Blah blah blah

      2. You want to write one? I'm kind of getting overloaded.