JonBob's Packer Blog is the creation of Jonathan Liedl and Rob Padget, two diehard Packers fans and current University of Notre Dame undergraduates. Ironically, neither of us prefers to be called "Jon" or "Bob," respectively, but that just goes to show the types of sacrifices we are willing to make in order to bring you the best Packers blog experience anywhere on the net.

As with many other great innovations, JonBob's was born when passion and boredom collided. Always passionate about our Packers, we were nonetheless bored by the lack of GBP-related analysis and insight on the web. Rather than sit around and complain about the problem, we decided to do something about it ourselves, and thus created JonBob's Packer Blog.

Here at JonBob's, we aim to leave the reporting to reporters. We're not here to repeat headlines that you could just get from ESPN or the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Instead, we want to provide you with fresh takes and unique perspectives on everything Packers-related. You can get bland news stories and boring summaries from just about anywhere, but if you're looking for in-depth analysis, unrestrained critiques, and well thought out speculation on everything Green and Gold, well, we think you've found the right place.

Consider the above our mission statement, or even better, our contract with you, the reader. Of course, as with any agreement, there are responsibilities on both sides. We'll be providing you with insightful analysis and opinion. All we ask in return is for you to be an active and engaged reader. Call us out when you think we're wrong, offer your own take on an issue, and let us know when you think we actually might be on to something. Comment boxes certainly aren't there for aesthetics, so put them to use. And perhaps most importantly, if you like what we do, we encourage you to tell fellow Packer-backers about our site.

Alright, that's about it. If you'd like to know anything more about our blog or our work, feel free to contact us.