Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Final Thoughts: Practice gets heated, same old drama

The first week of training camp is almost in the books. From what I've read and heard, competition is fierce and tensions are running high. The offensive and defensive units take turns dominating each other with no clear cut, overall victor. And that's the way I like it. Because improvement comes out of this daily epic struggle. A top 5 offense practicing against a top 5 defense day in and day out will prepare this team to face the cream of the crop. This is the beginning of our Super Bowl run, ladies(?) and gentlemen.

First off, I'd like to recommend a nice little article that Don Banks wrote for SI after visiting Packers camp. Special thanks to one of our most dedicated readers, Willa, for sending us the link. Read it! (if you haven't already).

Will Burnett unseat Bigby? YES. This nagging ankle injury is pretty much the nail in the coffin for Mr. Bigby. After consulting with a specialist, it has been determined that Atari will need surgery. McCarthy has said that they don't know if it's season ending or not, Bigby says he'll be back in 4 weeks after the surgery. So it's unclear how long Bigby will be sidelined. What is clear, however, is that however long Bigby is out will be too long. Morgan Burnett has a great opportunity in front of him. He's been working with the first string defense since OTAs and hasn't disappointed. The starting job is his for the taking. Bigby's days as a Packer are numbered.

Is the battle for the 3rd WR spot already over? YES. Jordy Nelson is catching everything. He and Rodgers seem to have developed great chemistry, connecting on big plays in practice. I haven't heard any big news concerning James Jones. Have you?

Are fights good? KINDA... If you hadn't heard, Tuesday night's practice got a little heated. A couple fights broke out and McCarthy had to stop practice to chew everyone's butts. I do like the fact that the intensity is high and players are standing up for themselves and teammates. It shows that these guys are ultra competitive and have a lot of heart. As long as they don't go too far, I think the fights will bring the team closer together by the end of camp. I really want to know what you readers think about this as well.

Is Brett Favre retiring? NO. Of course he isn't. I wish ESPN and the rest of the sports media would practice more responsible reporting habits. Shouldn't they know by now not to report Favre hearsay as fact? Part of this is definitely his fault, but the media certainly plays a huge role in this annual flip-flop soap opera. Where's the accountability? Everyone is sick of this story. Everyone knows that he's going to come back until he physically cannot do it anymore. Stop jumping the gun, wait until you get all the facts, and then run the story. Better yet, get a statement from him saying that his ankle isn't responding to the surgery and he can't do it. If he says his body won't let him come back, then I'll believe it. Until that happens, I'm looking forward to getting revenge on October 24 and November 21 because he can't stay away from the game. But who can blame him? It's a great game. That's my final thought. Happy Friday everyone.


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