Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halftime Report: Packers 21, Cardinals 7

Summary: A 14 point lead, but this was a frustrating half to watch at times. Although Rodgers and Co. seemed to get their act together mid-way through the second quarter, it was another flat, out-of-rhythm start for the Packers offense, marred by drops, unnecessary sacks, and a bizarre interception. As astute couch analyst David Liedl said, it looks like the Packers offense just makes things too complicated at times. 

Nonetheless, the defense has been stalwart for the most part and kept the Cardinals at bay long enough for Rodgers to regain his mo-jo on way to a 3 touchdown first half. And hey, we seem to be running the ball well, too.

We'll win if... the defense continues to keep the pressure on Skelton and prevents big plays down-field to Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts. A healthy balance of an effective running game and a consistent passing attack should keep this one a two-score game the rest of the way.

We'll lose if...we see "bad" Rodgers and a Packers offense that can't move the ball consistently, coupled with a defense that takes their foot off the pedal and allows the Cardinals to hang around. Even then, it looks like it'd take a lot.