Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jon&Bob make some predictions about the 2011 Season

With the start of the 2011 season only days away, it's time for Jon&Bob to make some predictions. Clearly we're both expecting big things from the Pack, although one of brandishes gung ho brand of optimism, while the other subscribes to a more tempered variety. Enough chatter; check out our picks. And make sure to leave your's in the comment section!


Rodgers is easy to agree upon.
Culver's of Baxter Offensive Dynamo
Jon's PickAaron Rodgers- A boring selection, yes, but I'm not picking against your 2011 NFL MVP.
Bob's Pick: Aaron Rodgers- Duh.

ChuckClay Award for Impact Player on Defense
Jon's PickNick Collins- Not many non-Packer fans know that Collins has been to 4 straight Pro Bowls. By the end of this season, he'll be a household name across the league, and will finally earn the respect normally reserved for Troy Polomalu and Ed Reed.
Bob's PickTramon Williams- Down the stretch last year, a star was born.  Williams will build on his breakout performance in the playoffs and continue his meteoric rise to one of the game's elite corners.

Breakthrough Performer

Jon's Pick: BJ Raji- He made big strides in his sophomore season and is poised for a monster year. The move to defensive end will help him establish himself as one of the league's best interior pass rushers.
Bob's Pick: Jermichael Finley- Before his season was cut short by a freak play last year in week 5, Finley was on pace for a 1,200 yard season.  This year he's leaner, meaner, and poised to change the tight end position forever.  

Rookie of the Year
Jon's Pick: Randall Cobb- Not many options to choose from, but that's no slight of Cobb. He'll make a big impact as a returner, and to a more a limited extent as a receiver.
Bob's Pick: Vic So'oto- Mark it down:  Vic So'oto,  will be the starting OLB opposite Clay Matthews by week 6.  The rookie will record 6 to 8 sacks and reduce the amount of double and triple teams Matthews is sure to face.

Quarless, my candidate for
the John Kuhn Award for
Unhearleded Dude Who
Steps Up
John Kuhn Award for Unheralded Dude Who Steps Up
Jon's PickAndrew Quarless- With Finley back, everyone's kind of forgotten about Quarless. I expect him to be a big part of the passing attack.
Bob's Pick C.J. Wilson- Much has been made about Green Bay's "lack" of depth on the defensive line, but look for C.J. Wilson to make a solid contribution in his second year.  

Jarrett Bush Designation for the Guy Who Earns Our Ire
Jon's Pick: AJ Hawk- I don't think Hawk will be bad--but I don't see him making the plays to justify the money we just paid him.
Bob's Pick: No one- I resent the word "earn" in the title of this category.


Jon's Pick: 13-3- I don't expect to win at Atlanta or San Diego, but we should get most of the rest of them.
Bob's Pick:  14-2- I don't expect to lose any games this year, but this is the NFL.  Anything can happen.

Final Result
Jon's PickSuper Bowl XLVI Champions- Rodgers outduels Brady just months after the Brewers beat the Red Sox in the World Series.
Bob's Pick: Super Bowl XLVI Champions- After emerging from the superior National Football Conference, Green Bay easily handles the San Diego Chargers, 38-17.

Trap Game
Jon's Pick: vs Rams, Week 6-  Don't sleep on St. Louis. Sam Bradford's legit.
Bob's Pick: @ Lions, Week 12- Our third game in 11 days, on Thanksgiving day no less.  

Longest Streak
Jon's Pick: W8- We always finish strong, so why not win every game of the second half of the season?
Bob's Pick: W10- Again, I'm expecting to win every game.  But to be pragmatic, I'll say our first loss of the season comes on Thanksgiving day at Detroit.

Division Order
Jon's Pick: GB, DET, CHI, MIN- Chicago will be a lot closer to Minnesota's level than people think.
Bob's Pick: GB, DET, CHI, MIN- Lions over .500, Bears take a major step back after years of bad drafting and ill-advised free agent acquisitions.  The Vikes just suck.

Expect to see a lot of Sad Jay this year.
Biggest Single Season Swings
Jon's Pick: Arizona (+), Chicago (-) - Kolb might not be Joe Montana, but he doesn't need to be for the Cardinals to win 10 games in that awful division. As for the Bears, I wouldn't be surprised if they win less than 7.
Bob's Pick: Houston (+), Chicago (-) - This is the year the Texans finally win the AFC South and end the Colts' yearly playoff tradition.  The Bears are a house of cards right now and will be one of the worst teams in the NFL.


24.5 TD/Int differential for Rodgers
Jon's Pick: Over- High 30s for TDs, low teens for INTs sounds about right.
Bob's Pick: Way Over- 45 TDs, 9 INTs.  Plus 3 more rushing TDs for good measure.

[Editor's note: Bob's over-reliance on Rodgers in fantasy football really shines through here]

999.5 yards for our leading rusher
Jon's Pick: Under- Pass-first offense + committee backfield = no 1000 yard rusher.
Bob's Pick: Under- Given Rodgers' astronomical numbers, there won't be a 1000 yard rusher.  However, our running game as a whole will be very good this year.

We need you, Chad!
9.5 games started by Clifton
Jon's Pick: Over- But I've got my fingers crossed.
Bob's Pick: Over- Pray that it's over.

14.5 sacks for Matthews
Jon's PickOver- With a leg that isn't broken, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets 20.
Bob's Pick: Over- 17 sounds about right.

79.5 FG percentage for Crosby
Jon's Pick: Over- He'll break 80% for the first time in his career. After that juicy contract he just signed, he better.
Bob's PickOver- He's finally got some continuity at long snapper and holder.  Add in the fact that he's had a great camp, Crosby is set up for a career year.

49.5 percent chance this blog is still around at the end of the season
Jon's Pick: Under- Hey, if we aren't, then at least I got this one right.
Bob's Pick: Over- We control our own destiny.  One of us is bound to post.


  1. I'm a little confused by the "
    24.5 TD/Int differential for Rodgers" are you saying that for every one interception he will throw 24.5 TDs? My breakthrough performer this year is Jordy and I am saying that we entering playoffs 11-5. My 'unheralded dude' is going to Zombo even with his coming back from that injury he will double his sack numbers this year (8).

  2. So'oto hurt his back in the weight room. He's out for Thursday.

  3. And Jon is just jealous that I won his Fantasy League last year...

  4. Willa...think point differential. TD minus INT.

  5. Yeah I got it, the .5 confused me but it was explained.