Monday, July 19, 2010

You call this analysis?

Here's the latest from the "experts," courtesy of ESPN's NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert (who I actually happen to like very much). The discussion is on the upcoming NFL season with regards to the NFC North. They talk about the Packers for just under a minute. Allow me to sum up their stellar points:
  • Aaron Rodgers is an elite NFL quarterback 
  • Green Bay has good depth at WR
  • The Packers need to protect Aaron Rodgers better
That's it. There's your "inside" scoop. Your hard-hitting analysis. Essentially, a summation of things every average NFL fan is aware of. To be fair, these guys seem like they know a lot about the game--but then why do they have to talk about such general and mundane topics? It's boring drivel like this that got me in the blogging business in the first place.


  1. Your're right, vapid. Good thing there's a place like JonBobs to get some solid stuff. Thanks guys!

  2. This is why ESPN should not have daily shows about sports that aren't being played; maybe, if anything, a once a week recap show of offseason stuff.

    ESPN donates way too much time to analysis shows that aren't needed. We don't need an NBA shoot-around, NFL Countdown, and Baseball Tonight every day to show stuff that was or is going to be on the SportsCenter loop for the next 12 hours.

  3. thanks mark!

    and, njnd, i agree completely...they have way too much filler.

  4. If you were doing to distill the Packers' upcoming season into three far more insightful and infinitely less vapid points than ESPN came up with, what would they be?

  5. As ndnj said, i wouldn't waste my time even doing this. just boring filler.

  6. I also agree. Just felt like posting that I agreed. And I think I also post the word of the day. Filler.