Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is there room for TO in GB?

Five time All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens is still on the market. Say what you want about his off (and on) the field antics, this guy is one of the most accomplished WR's in NFL history, ranking 6th in receiving yards and 3rd in receiving touchdowns. I know we have a pretty stacked receiving corp, but adding another weapon could be what it takes to push us over the top. Plus, we play all four of his former teams this coming season (San Fran, Philly, Dallas, and Buffalo), so maybe that could serve as some extra motivation for TO. Should Ted Thompson and Co. consider giving the guy a look?

No. HECK no. Terrell Owens is a self-centered, unstable headcase. He ruins teams. Plus, at 36 he's not even that good anymore. In fact, if he came to Green Bay he'd probably be no higher than fifth on the depth chart. Did I mention that he ruins teams? Adding a guy like him this season is exactly what the Packers don't need: a sideshow that will throw off team chemistry and distract everyone from the real goal. I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole.

Don't cry, TO! I didn't mean it personally, although, to be honest, your personality is probably the biggest thing hindering your ability to sign with a team. I'm sure there's someone out there for you! Maybe Belichick will give into his obsession with taking on "problem players" and proving that he's a better coach than anyone by turning them into model citizens. Stroking his ego by commenting on his "great mind" was a probably a good move on your part.

Or maybe the Bears will realize they have couple of kick returners and nobodies posing as wide receivers, and add a veteran presence such as yourself. They didn't seem to mind trading for a whiny crybaby like Jay Cutler. Considering the fact that both of you made Bleacher Report's list of the "25 Worst Teammates in Recent NFL History" (Jay @ #22 and TO @ #2), I imagine you two would make quite a pair. Two negatives make a positive, right?

The truth is, I really don't care where you play next year, Terrell. So long as you aren't wearing the Green and Gold, I'll be content. So continue to blame ESPN for your lack of a job, while maybe reverting to old tricks, like calling ex-teammates gay or holding a shirtless press conference in your driveway, and I'm sure you'll be employed in no time.


  1. i don't like the guy either, but you're kidding yourself if you think he'd only be 5th on the depth chart. i would slot him tied fro 2nd; he's about as good a player as Donald Driver. WR stats is Buffalo should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. I'm factoring in experience with the system, as well. I agree that he has a leg up on Jones and Jordy in terms of ability, but I think they have a level of familiarity with Rodgers and what McCarthy does that would give them the edge.Maybe it's a stretch to say he'd be outright #5, but I think the same could be said for saying he'd easily be #3, let alone 2.

  3. Let's see: T.O. doesn't play the slot. T.O. doesn't know the system. T.O. wants the ball in every play, in an offense that doesn't use a #1 receiver.

    T.O. would be #7 on the depth chart. He would play only if Jennings had an injury, or had to be spelled...

  4. 100% agree. Couldn't the Pack have gotten Randy Moss a few years back? That sort of talent is fantastic, but it's just not worth the heavy attitude baggage that comes along. To destroys locker rooms. Keep him as far away from Lambeau as possible.